Klaus Wagner MRICS, REV is a certified expert for valuing developed and undeveloped properties. He trained as a banking specialist, surveyor (DIA) and property expert (ebs). He also attended INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau and in Singapore. He is a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and member of the Society of Property Researchers - Germany (GiF).

His work involves both valuing special properties and the most varied of commercial, office and residential properties using national and international standards. His range of services also include advice on complex real estate management issues. He also works on various specialist advisory committees. He is the joint publisher of the book “Valuing special use properties” and author of various valuation-related specialist articles as well as a guest lecturer at various training institutions for the real estate industry.

Klaus Wagner MRICS was employed for over 20 years in real estate management tasks for Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bahn, Berliner Flughäfen and Hochtief, and has comprehensive national and international experience in this area.

He was born in Tegernsee (Bavaria) and has lived in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin and now for many years with his family in Hamburg.