Producing market valuation reports

The office specialises in calculating the value of developed and undeveloped properties. 

Our services in brief:

Producing market valuation reports

We take on the production of market valuation reports using national and international standards for the most varied of areas:

  • When buying and selling property
  • To set the value of a unit in property investments
  • Valuation for repossession or urban planning development measures pursuant to Section 165 of the German Town and Country Planning Code (BauGB)
  • For tax and balance sheet purposes (e.g. to determine the accounting approach or for inheritance matters and gifts)
  • When appointed by courts

The creation of a fair market valuation report is defined in Section 196 BauGB:

“The fair (market) value is determined by the price that can be achieved at the time to which the calculation refers in normal business operations according to the legal facts and actual characteristics, the other nature and location of the property or the other object subject to valuation without taking account of unusual or personal conditions.”